Thursday, 18 July 2013

Gingerbread Tata

So what did you do for your 67mins on Nelson Mandela Day? Today madiba turned 95 from a hospital bed where he has held onto life for the last 41 days. On life support, who knows, as the ANC led government are spinning that he is recovering well while the press are painting a totally different story. Strange that his long walk to freedom included 67 years behind bars still his house in Soweto still remains behind bars that one can peer through or pay the tourist trap fees to take a peek inside.

So what did I do for my 67mins, well I took 67 small bites of this gingerbread man to completely eat him while I contemplated how we are still struggling in a reverse apartheid South Africa. The rich are still getting richer while the poor are still getting poorer. Live long and prosper tata.

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