Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cell C Bad

Today started with the discovery of Coffee, my goldfish, floating upside down at the surface of his home. And the day ended with my internet connection from Cell C sending me a message that my current software is about to expire and that I must download the latest software from this Cell C URL. But I can't as my Cell C's data supply is just about non-existent.

Tell me about it as Cell C states that the power is in my hands but there is nothing I can do as the contract states even if Cell C doesn't deliver I am powerless to get out. It is not that I have tried to contact them about my issues with a string of going nowhere fast.

I feel like this man in this photo which I took while on my way to work in the first light of the morning. All alone trying to keep warm in a world that is cold which has no feelings of what is around it.

Please DO NOT believe when Cell C states that its services are supported by a highly advanced network which covers 97% of the population. Sadly I live and work in the 3% of the remaining area not covered by Cell C. Bad Cell C Bad!


Kevin said...

I hear you - a colleague was caught by the hype and is living out 2 years of purgatory until he can switch back to mtn - calls dropped, slow data, no signal ....

Jerome West said...

Good way of looking at it Kevin, I too am suffering with 2 years Cell C Purgatory. The worst part of it is they are all talk when it comes to how good they are but when you try bring up an issue they put your issue in file 13.

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