Monday, 10 June 2013

The Fruit Seller

As the world woke up for work this Monday, they collectively held their breaths waiting for fresh news of our ailing Nelson Mandela. Tata's health took a turn for the worse this weekend and is in serious condition in a Pretoria hospital.

This winter's morning was bitterly cold but this didn't stop the journalists and TV crews from camping outside the hospital and Nelson's home in Houghton. As I arrived in Houghton, I found news people set up in the street around the house. They were trying to keep warm by hogging the weak rays of the morning sun. I had to nudge them aside just to get to work. For us locals, although we are concerned for Tata's health, it is life as usual as he is an old man and we feel they should let him be. Here is one local, doing a much better job than the journalists and TV crews in keeping warm while selling her fruit to the passerbys rushing on their way to work.

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