Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Say Cheese

This evening I went on an Ingress mission to take out one enlightened portal which had a link that was blocking our plans. And because of the changes to the game rules which make it very costly to attack, I had to attack the portal in two waves. With my XM sitting at 6,000 I had weakened the portal quite a bit before running out of XM. (Unless you play Ingress, I am afraid I have just lost you). It is time you choose sides in one of the largest augmented reality games that is played globally.

So the plan was to have supper at one of the nearest fast food restaurants while the XM recharges and there was not much to choose from close by so I settled for KFC. While walking to my table I saw Vingisani, a KFC Team Member, at the back doing the tedious task of separating the cheese. Say Cheese!

After dinner it was time to finish off the pesky portal with a few rounds from my XMP burster. KFC So Good. Then I spent the rest of the evening restocking from portal farms.

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