Thursday, 13 June 2013


Today was an action filled Ingress day, even though I was tied to the desk. Firstly I had planned to meet up with Martijn at Rosebank to do a walk through on Ingress. But just before I left for Rosebank, a large contingent of high level lizards, Enlightened layers, started assembling at Revonia to take our portals there away from us. Training was more important, so here is Martijn during our training session.

By the time I had returned from the training run, Revonia had fallen into enemy hands. Soon afterwards a plan was hatched to put a spanner in their hard work and simply take Revonia back. So after work, the Resistance with only half the numbers that the Enlightened used took Rivonia back. I must say it was easier than I expected. Oh yes it felt good.

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Martijn Vreugde said...

Haha good to hear you crushed the frogs ;-)Was cool seeing you buddy!

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