Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hell and Heaven

Oh I give my kingdom for some clean fresh air. Last night was like in hell. When I arrived home last night there was a veld fire on the property next door. The flames were not that high but the smoke was another story. The smouldering fire continued pumping out smoke throughout the night and the inversion layer did not help as it trapped the now polluted air low.

I could not keep the smoke out of my cottage which made sleeping impossible. As I nodded off, I would wake up startled as the thought crossed my mind that I would not wake up. So all I could do was lay awake slowly getting smoked while I wondered when and how they would find my body. Even the lions across the valley were also very vocal in their protest about the smoke.

It was after 5am in the morning when I sent a message to my line manager, letting her know that I would not be able to make it to work later. It was 7ish when I finally fell asleep. Four hours later I awoke with a headache, red eyes, and a hoarse throat. I present to you a thoroughly smoked Jerome.

Ahh last night was like hell to me, so how does the cupcake and heaven come into the story. Well after phoning the office, I needed to recover. The veld next door was still smoking but the wind was blowing it away from my cottage. So the air was much better to breathe. Mid afternoon after consuming enough pills I decided to take a ride on my Vespa into the countryside, away from pollution and smoke of the city. On a bike with the fresh clean air in your face was heaven after last night.

I stopped at my friend's art studio where I found her busy giving art classes. So I sat in the tea garden with some coffee and cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes but peppermint crisp cupcakes. And not to forget in the clean country air, now breathe deep and have another cupcake. Oh and heaven is going to be much better than this.

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