Monday, 13 May 2013

The Kettle

Yesterday, Eskom contractors were upgrading the electrical supply in the area around my home. No power for the day was okay since I wouldn't be around but when I returned home later to find that the contractors had hit a snag and they expected would be completed by seven, it wasn't okay.

Being that long without electricity meant that our reservoir ran dry. Seven came and went, still no electricity, no water, and this is not good. Luckily there was a five litre bottle water in the cupboard so this kettle came very useful for our comfort. The electricity was only turned back on just after nine but the pump did not come on.

I woke up this morning to electricity but no water. Not pleasant at all. Somehow in their haste last night, the Eskom contractors only switched on one phase to our property and it was the phase that didn't run the borehole pump. Note to self, buy some more water to replenish the emergency stockpile.

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Anonymous said...

In an emergency use toilet cistern water. It IS OK!


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