Monday, 11 March 2013

Tyre Jack

Monday started with a whimper. The weather forecasted a cloudy yet hot day so I planned to use the Vespa this morning. As I was about to leave, a light drizzle started to fall but I little rain wasn't going to put me off as I was sure that it would clear up later in the day and I was right. But as I was about to leave on the bike, I noticed that my rear tyre was deflated. I used to have Tyre Weld in the cubby hole of the Vespa but that has been missing since my bike was repaired by Vespa. Oh well I had to change my transport plans and use the car instead.

The poor start of the Monday did not end there; on the way to work the car started starving of fuel. Although the tank was nearly empty, I had enough to get to work but there seemed to be muck in the fuel tank as one of the fuel injectors felt that it was bunged up. So I struggled to work and arrived late mostly due to not using the Vespa to beat traffic.

At lunch I went off to buy some Tyre Weld but could not find any, so ended up buying 4x4 Tyre Jack, which is the same thing and hopefully I can use the Vespa tomorrow.

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