Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Steps that Jack Built

I am starting to think that because I have given my notice to vacate my cottage; my landlord has it in for me. The way they treat me has gotten progressively worse as my notice period ticks down. When I arrived home yesterday, this is how I found my steps up to my cottage. Yes I give it to them that they are starting to show some interest in the maintenance of the cottage instead of blaming me for why they can't find tenants to replace me.

In terms of my contract, it states that I can't sue them it I hurt myself trying to climb up and down these stairs but it is not me I am worried about, it is my dogs, as that biggest gap is about half a metre. It is easy for them to get up; it is the getting down that is the problem for them. Finding the steps like this for the second day I phoned the landlord and she said that she didn't know that the steps were left in a highly unsafe condition and that the builder will be there tomorrow. Once Jade, my smallest Italian Greyhound, is at that top, she is stuck and can’t get down again. Patch tried and fell down the side of the missing landing planks while I was on the phone to the landlord. For now I am thankful none of them has broken any legs. If that happens, contract or not the landlord will find themselves in court. Anyone knows a good lawyer needing some pro bono work?

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