Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rat on my Doorstep

Yes you read the heading correctly, my day started with finding a dead rat on my doorstep. One of my dogs must have caught it last night and decided that it was a good thing to bring it home.

After I got rid of my present, I proceeded to take my Vespa to Linex Yamaha to get a new rear tyre that I had ordered last week fitted. But I only managed to make about three kilometres before the patched up tyre gave way. Standing at the side of the road, my day couldn't get any better. Well after going back home to fetch the pickup, thanks to Martin for the lift, I had to load the Vespa onto the back and drive it undignified to Linex Yamaha.

What started out as a rat of a day can only get better tomorrow as it is the start of the first of two long weekends, one after each other. Oh yes and thanks to Magda, my accommodation to our epic Baviaanskloof Vespa Ride has been booked.

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