Monday, 18 March 2013

Look who’s back

Nomangaliso has been off sick for the last week, recovering from wisdom teeth extraction. Well I would like to say that they pulled some wisdom out of her and that she wasn't sure quite who she was after that. Well she is back although not a hundred percent better. While she has been away, Delia has been holding down the fort, now she too is due for some surgery month end.

Although it was good to have Noma back, today was particular difficult. Not because of it being a Monday, although it did not help. Arriving at work this morning we found the phone lines and air conditioning down. The phones I could live without but having no air conditioning was like hell. A hot and bothered Delia was overheard stating that "this whole no aircon thing is kinda terrible". There you go even the heat was affecting Delia's vocabulary and grammar.

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