Friday, 22 March 2013

Jade Falls

What I feared the most while the stairs at my place was being replaced happened. The landlady came round yesterday afternoon to show the cottage to prospective tenants while the steps were not even finished. I had kept the dogs down at the bottom while the rotten wooden steps were taken off and replaced with new ones.

I had the top landing barricaded off and the builder had the bottom taken care of. Only the bottom half was done with the top half just had the frames in by the time as the landlady and the prospective tenants arrived. I was in the office at the time and the builder allowed them to go up the stairs and the dogs thought that they could go up too and proceeded to gallop up the stairs not knowing that the stairs were incomplete. The builder managed to stop Patch and Skye as Maxy and Jade shot up towards the top but soon found themselves in difficulty. The prospective tenant managed to grab Maxy but Jade slip through his hands and fell.

Jade, who is no taller than 20cm tall fell just under 4 metres onto the paving below. That height equates to about a 20 metre fall for a human onto concrete. In other words, Jade fell from a 6 story building. I heard the commotion and went outside to investigate to find the landlady saying over and over again that she is so sorry. Like what was going on.

My emotions was both anger and fear for the worse as I scrambled down the stairs to Jade who was limping on three legs in the corner of the garden. She was in pain when I did the full investigation but thank God I didn't find any break nor could feel any internal injury. I don't remember much at the time but do remember the landlady calling from the top "Is she all right? Please say something".

Jade came home from Crowthorne Veterinary Clinic this morning and the diagnoses is that her right rear leg has been badly sprained and she needs to be off the leg for 6 weeks to give it time to heal. The new cottage that I am moving to next weekend has no steps and a much bigger garden which will help with her recovery.

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