Friday, 1 February 2013

Über Werner

Yay, it is Friday which means my weekend with Matthew. It is good having him home again after the mess of last weekend. When picking him up after work today, he insisted that we skip with our usual Friday take aways as he wanted to cook supper. So he gave me a list of ingredients to buy.

~ Macaroni
~ Bacon
~ Cheese

With no help from me other than doing the eating and cleaning afterwards, Matthew cooked a simple yet über tasty macaroni and cheese.

So why don't I have a photo of Matthew's supper, instead I have one of Werner. Well the food was yummy and before I knew it supper was finish. So no photo of Matthew's first meal he cooked for me, sorry. Earlier my Belgium friend Werner came round for a meeting with my boss, Richard, so now I have a photo of Werner on my blog instead of food.

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