Wednesday, 27 February 2013

On Guard

While I am at work, killing the bull, my pack are at home watching over things. When I arriving back home on the Vespa, they hear me coming a long way off and run up the stairs to a better vantage point to get a better view. Once they see that it is me, they start running up and down all excitedly. As I arrive at the garden gate, Maxy, one of my Italian Greyhounds, stays on guard at the top of the stairs until I am safely inside, then he runs down to me and does this bowing roll. Maxy's roll starts off by lowering his head and tucking it into his chest while at the same time keeping one front leg straight and the other folded in. When his crown touches the ground he rolls gently sideways onto his back. Submissive in an elegant way. Today’s photo is a completely different angle of an iggy and was taken while Maxy was still on guard.

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