Saturday, 16 February 2013

Big Bangs

I awoke in the early hours of the morning to the crackling and bright lights as lightning hit the cottage or very close. The electricity feed to the cottage was still on amazingly but after the second and third close lightning strikes the lights said enough was enough and refused to come back on.

We awoke to no electricity but luckily I have a gas stove so I put some water into the kettle and made some coffee for Matthew and I. The electricity remained off for the whole day.After Matthew had completed his homework, we went down to the bottom of the garden and found a fleet of Eskom vans and truck huddled around an electricity pole. The cable coming down from the isolators had popped due to a lightning strike. Most likely one of those near misses that I experienced in the wee hours.

With nothing else to do, Matthew and I went across to Nu Metro at Montecasino watch a romantic fantasy movie Beautiful Creatures which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. After that it was pizza at the Sims' house before heading for the Tim Hughes worship concert at New Life.

After the big bangs came the anti climax of a slow start to the day, but it sure ended to an explosive finale.

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