Sunday, 20 January 2013

Weaver and the Pothole

Nothing comes between Matthew and sashimi, not even the soft falling rain, potholes or closed stores. Matthew wanted some sushi for lunch so we drove out to our favourite sushi dives in Fairland but only to find that the sushi chef will be in about an hour so we decided to head across town to Mina Moto at the Wedge in Morningside to find that Japanese restaurant closed for renovations. So we headed down the road to the battleship of Japanese restaurants, Yamato and sushi was enjoyed in quantity by both Matthew and I.

With full bellies Matthew and I headed back home and on the way we found the reason why God allows potholes in our roads. Potholes and faulty traffic lights are plentiful in Johannesburg whenever a few drops of rain fall. But we stopped just short of a pothole near home and spent quite some time just watching a Southern Masked Weaver bathe in the pothole while one of his females watched in amusement. Hallelujah, eventually he encouraged her that it is not just about building a house for her but bathing and smelling nice as she gingerly joined him in the puddle of the pothole.

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