Sunday, 6 January 2013

Trek Home

I didn't get much sleep last night because I kept waking up, not sure the reason though. When I finally woke up at six, I started getting all our things together and woke Matthew up to start packing the car for the trip home. It is a seven hour road trip in the heat of the African sun. Thankfully my aircon is working perfectly.

Here is a photo of Skye which I took in the early morning while all my children were still fast asleep. Isn't he cute? The Italian Greyhounds like burrowing under the blankets no matter how hot it is where as the Whippet Skye loves to lie on top of them all.

But I am thankful to be home safely as the news of all the road fatalities during the holidays is not good. So to all who read this post, may you have a blessed 2013 so much so that you can become a blessing to someone else.

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