Thursday, 24 January 2013

Simba Whimpers

Noma loves her Simba potato chips which is also known in other parts of the world as crisps. But today, Simba sure let her down. Simba started in the potato chips industry way back in 1956. And on their website they proudly state that "Over the years, Simba has changed and evolved to reflect what is going on in our country." Well it should read deteriorated not evolved as to me evolve states that it has gradually changed for the better.

Well, how can I use this platform to air my gripes about a company. Easy, you see Simba over the years have shrunk their packaging down to what we get today, 36 grams of chips surrounded by air. What made us so cheesed off, was that the packet of Simba Smoked Beef Flavoured Potato chips that Noma bought today was mostly filled with air with a few potato chips at the bottom. See the photo above. Yes that was all of the so called 36 grams of chips. Horror! Dismay! Disgust! I emailed Pepsico, the company that owns Simba, but as of this posting I have received no reply.

Simba says that it Roarrrs with flavour but I am afraid that Simba has thrown its crown to the ground and the chip kingdom is now in dire need of a new king. Will Simba step up and take back his rightful place as king or would another chip company proudly step forward!?

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