Saturday, 5 January 2013


My best friend, Robbie, from my High School days came down from Pietermaritzburg to spend the afternoon with Matthew and I at Ballito. It is our last day here on the Dolphin Coast before heading back inland to Johannesburg tomorrow.

Robbie and I spent the afternoon sitting on the porch, catching up on old times and on news of other school mates, of where they are now and what they doing with themselves. Later I put some steak on the webber and slowly cooked the meat to perfection while we continued catching up. Soon the afternoon turned to evening with all the catching up on Robbie and Jerome incidents of our past.


Mariposa said...

Happy new year! Hope all is well with you :)

Jerome West said...

Thank you Mariposa. All is well and can only get better as the year continues. Pray that you may have a awesome 2013.

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