Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Potjie

We were invited by Thinus and Frieda to join them for good boere potjiekos. While in boereland we might as well live like boere and eat their traditional food. A potjiekos or shortened to potjie is a traditional stew cooked in a cast iron three legged pot on a fire. Well note quite a stew as a stew is boiled in its juices while a potjie is almost steamed slowly. Most people in the cities are used to the braai or barbeque but this is even more traditional having originated from the Voortrekkers moving inland by ox wagon and using venison to make these awesome slow cooked potjies.

So while the potjiekos slowly steamed, we relaxed under the trees next to the swimming pool and the kids frolicked in the pool for most of the day. Here is the chef Thinus with his lovely wife Frieda just as we were about to tuck into some tasty potjiekos.

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