Monday, 17 December 2012


I got this call from my good friend Paulo a little past six yesterday evening, Shani and Paulo are a little bored in Nelspruit so are coming up to Johannesburg for supper would I like to join them. Uhhmmm, after a quick calculation I worked out that supper would be about ten thirty. So it didn't take me long to convince Paulo to do lunch the next day rather.

I quick call to Magda, and the Poser's Scooter Club core members and a imposer, Lynda, met for lunch today at the Throbbing Strawberry in Douglasdale. It was great seeing Magda, Shani, Martin and Paulo again, and soon we were reminiscing about the good times. It sure has been such a long time since we last saw each other and this year has been not good to the Posers but hopefully, the New Year will bring better times for us all. Here is Shani behind those shades trying to look like she really needs a parrot.

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