Saturday, 29 December 2012


Matthew and I were looking for places where we could walk our dogs off lead but sadly we found none in Nelspruit, so while at the Central Veterinarian Hospital I asked and they told me to try Kaapsehoop. Now I haven't been to this historic gold mining village for a long time so we headed up into the hills overlooking De Kaap Valley.

We had a lovely walk among the rocky outcrops and the gold filtered wetlands with the dogs darting in and out the rock formations of quartzite. Here is Jade who somehow managed to get up a rock from the other side but is trying to find a way down to me. The most comical part of the walk was when Skye spotted some hikers and sprinted to greet them across a wet area but he failed to see a pool of water until it was too late and disappeared in a huge splash. He tried to clear it in one bound but landed in the middle and as fast as he went in he was out again.

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