Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hashimoto's Syndrome

It seems that my sister, Theresa, is battling with Hashimoto's Syndrome down in Nelspruit because all the doctors down there just want to wait until the thyroid dies before they will do anything. After some good old fashioned internet search, my mom found a doctor up here that was willing to do the surgery now and save my sister’s life.

So Theresa and her husband came up to see the doctor at the Donald Gordon Medical Centre and tomorrow they are seeing the surgeon to find out if they need the operation now or wait till everyone is back from summer leave.

I wanted to ask Theresa that I wanted to be on her diet but I am sure Hashimoto is not a trifle thing after seeing Theresa wasting away. So having so many siblings in one place was a photo opportunity that could not be missed. So next to me is Anthony, then Theresa and George.

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