Sunday, 9 December 2012


The last Year End lunch of the weekend has arrived. The Joburg Photowaljers held their Year End lunch at the READ Educational Trust. I dealt with READ before when they used Metrorail to distribute reading material to underprivileged schools in Soweto. The schools met the train at their closest train station and Read donated reading books to them. The READ Educational Trust was established in 1979 and strives to have children reading for themselves with a project like the Readathon and other literacy projects.

So the Joburg Photowalkers, at the end of their third year got together for a light luncheon at READ, watch a video of ourselves that was flighted on a national TV channel, and viewed each other's photos taken in the past year. Wow, I looked impressive in my interview on TV. I will get it up sometime on the internet. Here is Mark's better half, Guinivere enjoying her lunch while I had a camera pointed in her direction.

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