Thursday, 13 December 2012

ER CT Scan

How in the world did I end up here from yesterday? A lot of today is starting to blur already so from what I can still remember, just after midnight I awoke with what felt like a bad stitch on my side, my bladder feeling very full and my mouth dry. So I stumbled downstairs and tried to relieve myself but nothing even after drinking a glass of water. My bladder still felt full, my mouth dry and the pain was increasing.

After an hour of struggling to simply pee, I was starting to get drowsy and panicked especially after bringing up all my supper. I needed to get to an Emergency Room (ER) quickly but was in no state to drive. Then I thought that Lynda is normally awake about this time and she could drive me. I tried messaging her but she did not answer until I phoned. Lynda lives just down the road from me; surely I could drive that distance. Lynda was happy to drive but before she could ask how I was going to get to her, I was already zig zagging down the road.

Don't ask how I got there in one piece, but somehow we did. I just urged Lynda to drive my car through the red traffic lights and break the speed limits, which she did so hopefully I won't get any citations in the post. Arriving at the hospital just before 3am in such pain in my kidney area and bladder it wasn't funny but the ER doctors were top class although I don't remember much of what happened next other than going for X-Rays, being told that the CT Scan staff will only be in much later in the morning, that they expect renal calculi or kidney stones, finding a bed to crash on, woken up later to say that they need the bed for someone else, getting sick again and then arriving back home in the dawn light.

I woke up just after 9am, and lay in bed trying to gather my thoughts. Lynda must have dropped me back home and taken my car back to her house. My pain had subsided but I needed to get back to that hospital for the CT Scan and go to the pharmacy to pick up my meds because I found the papers next to my bed.

And the rest of the story is a long day's wait at the hospital. Waiting for the ER doctors to see me again, to tell me what next. Then wait for the CR Scan. Then wait for the urologist to see me and finally wait for the prescription drugs at the pharmacy. The day was one of my longest days this year. The results, I have three small renal calculi, two in my left kidney and a slightly larger one in my right lower down.

One thing during my visit is that I may have stumbled upon some fraud. Lynda paid R195 for the admission to the ER which covers all procedures, medicines and X/Rays. There is no other way I could have afforded the CT Scan otherwise especially not on medical aid. Anyway while waiting for my CT Scan the orderly said I needed to pay R120 at another room, so I dutifully tumbled off to pay.

The three orderlies here reaffirmed the amount I had to pay and took my money but just left it on the table so I waited for my receipt but none was forth coming so I just stood there waiting patiently. They even told me to sit in the waiting room but I said I need to stand because of the pain. I took my camera out to take a photo of a sign in the hallway and when I put the camera away the three orderlies gave my money back. Now I was getting suspicious and asked them what now and the lady answered that the first orderly phoned them from the CT Scanner's room that he will sort it out. So back to the first orderly who informed me that I can pay next time. I smelled a rat but was in no condition to take it further.

By that time I just wanted to go home and sleep because it had already been a long day and the CT Scanner made me nauseous. I have to be back here in a week's time for more scans. I need medical aid. Good night.

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