Friday, 9 November 2012

Week's Last Light

The week is finally behind me. I got my results back at quarter to five via SMS, would you believe that via sms. Okay I will admit there was a missed call a few minutes before the SMS but I was driving in traffic. The SMS said "Mr West as per Dr your results NORMAL, but you would need to make a follow up appointment Pls call to arrange Tx" Oh well as I said to colleagues at work if it was serious the urologist would have phoned Wednesday already as he is running a business after all and money is money.

Seriously it is a relief. Now I can get back to living. Tonight's photo was taken hand held with my Canon S100 at 18:58 just at last light. For my photographic followers the settings were f/2.0 ISO 1600 and Shutter 1/8.

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