Sunday, 11 November 2012

Stefanutti Shock

After breakfast at Café Sofia, Lynda and I went down to look at one of my favourite graffiti places, under the double decker section of the M1 highway in Newtown. But instead of arriving at an art centre I found a muddy construction site with most of the graffiti gone. It was more like a muddy war zone with church goes trying find a way through the muddy trenches and dump trucks.

I asked a few Stefanutti Stock employees and did some internet research, we are losing our graffiti haven for another mall, the 40,000 square metre Newtown Junction. Haven't we got enough malls? Who has the money to spend at all these malls? Will it be another tourist trap?

1 comment:

Momcat said...

Yet another artistic venue lost to the grubby reach of commercialism and neverending development. Sadly, nothing is sacred anymore!

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