Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas in 41 Days

The days are all getting mashed into each other with the end of the year rushing towards us as if we are in free fall. For those who haven’t seen the Christmas decorations or heard the Boney M music, it is only 41 days till Christmas.

Even Pick n Pay, are trying to help Santa by clearing their shelves of exmas toys. Now I know xmas is for the people who like to drop Christ out of Christmas, but exmas? I never heard of exmas. Pick n Pay uses exmas in their advertising for below cost toys and a google search shows it being used in 228,000 results compared to 159,000,000 for xmas and 1,480,000,000 for Christmas. Exmas toys only has 1 result and it seems Amazon is also offering exmas toys.

For crying out loud, it is Christmas!

1 comment:

Momcat said...

I agree! Anybody who wants to take Christ out of Christmas shouldn't be celebrating the occasion at all...

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