Thursday, 25 October 2012

Schnapps Schnauzer

Every night this week so far has been a late night for me instead of going straight home after work like a good little boy. Monday it was roast chicken dinner with Tom and Glenda, Tuesday Can-Sir meeting at the Donald Gordon Hospital and little sandwiches, Wednesday sushi and wine with Ann, and tonight back to Tom and Glenda for dinner but this time yummy beef olives.

Tom and Glenda have two Schnauzers, and this one is Schnapps with his Bismarck type moustache. Talking about moustaches, November is Movember time again were we Mo Bros grow moustaches from scratch to raise awareness of cancer in men. A little close to home this time round.

1 comment:

Momcat said...

Cute puppy! No more late nights this week.. There was a comment on the radio that in addition to growing their moustache all the men should go for checkups which you have done so bravo!

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