Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Starting early this morning and just ploughing through the work didn’t leave me much time to think about taking photos for my blog. Just before I had to leave this evening, my blog popped into my head. Looking quickly around for something to photograph, the thin red line around my new 23 inch Samsung LED monitor that I got just over a week ago caught my eye. Expecting the light to move like KITT the high tech crime fighting car used in Knight Rider or one of the Terminator cyborgs with its faint red glow but it only the Samsung monitor.

After another busy day at work behind the computer screens and the week is already half way through. Warning tomorrow Zombies are preparing to walk the streets. Are you prepared to fight for your survival?

1 comment:

Momcat said...

I'll probably have to fight...because I have something a zombie wants...A Brain!

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