Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I have been staying at Treesbank which is on the banks of the Jukskei River between Dainfern and Glenferness for over a year now and I have been hearing the cry of peafowls but never seeing them. I have heard and seen the jackals at the bottom of my garden never peafowls, that was until today.

After arriving at work nice and early on my Vespa, I received a phone call about a family emergency unfolding so I rushed back home to fetch my vehicle which I needed for the emergency and went to fix. But just as I arrived Anthony, my brother, was already there taking care of things so all I could do was to go back to work. Communication peoples. Now getting back to my photo of the day, it was when arriving back home to swop back to the Vespa, I spotted a peacock or is it a peahen in my driveway. So it was true, there were peafowls in my neighbourhood, nice.

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Momcat said...

Thats definitely the peacock. Now to get a pic of him with his tail feathers fanned out! So cool...I love them.

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