Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mo and I

Today started slowly. I didn't get any reminders that I was on duty at BBC but somehow thought I was. So after double checking, I found that it is still a month to go till I’m next on duty. Well on Matthew’s birthday, now that won't do.

I day was starting to look like a wonderful summer's day, blue skies and not too hot. So I rounded up the dogs and off we went to Emmarentia Dam for a long walk. On this walk I bumped into some friends Mo and his wife Rihanna from long past. Here is a photo of Mo and I with Patch and Skye looking on. We walked for a while together catching up on things while my dogs and theirs ran together for a while.

When I finally got back home Matthew was still fast asleep after another late night with dad so on went the music and the washing machine.

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