Tuesday, 11 September 2012


It is a long story of how I got to see Tina today. It has been a long time since I last saw Tina and I must say it was good to see her again.

Well it all started over the weekend with Magda celebrating her 40th birthday. Our mutual friend Paulo was invited but somehow because he was in South Africa only for such brief time, he got caught in things that needed to be done and he could not make Magda's party. Sorry for him because we had a wonderful time. Anyway just before he flew out to Mozambique yesterday, Paulo phoned me telling me that he has left a present in the boot of his car and would I please fetch and give the present to Magda.

So this morning I made contact with Paulo's sister Tina who had Paulo's car at her work in Park Town which is just up the road from my work. Who would have known that we were this close? So I rode over to the Asbestos Relief Trust where Tina works as a lawyer to pick up Magda's presents. Yes present became presents because in Paulo's car was three presents, one obviously from Paulo, one from Shani, Paulo's girlfriend, and the other from Vespa South Africa. I stayed as long as I could as Tina and I caught up on life but I had to tear myself away and zoom over on my Vespa to Dr Lipschitz in Rosebank where Magda works as a radiologist. Magda was pleased to receive the presents and offered me lunch which I dutifully accepted.

At the 40th birthday party there was so much going on that just sitting in Magda's office over toasted sarmies and catching up on all the news was priceless. This is what friends are for. Forget missing 40ths, as just sitting and listening to each other is what it is all about. A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

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