Saturday, 22 September 2012


Matthew and I picked up Lynda and her son Bradley and went to the African Aerospace Defence 2012 Air Show and Exhibition held at the Air Force Base Waterkloof. What started out as a raining day turned out to be hot with not a cloud in the sky by lunch time. As usual the kids enjoyed themselves immensely and us adults watch on, secretly enjoying watch the firepower of military machines in action. Click on the image above and view the awesome power the Rooikat Armoured Fighting Vehicle on the obstacle course in front of us. I could kick myself as I had video function on my camera and should have used it. We all had a wonderful time and arrived back home tired.

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Anonymous said...

The AAD airshow was a truly memorable occasion, the sounds, the sights, the action, the company! Had a fantastic day... Thank you Jerome and Matthew.

Lynda and Bradley

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