Monday, 17 September 2012

Dinner for Two

Well I rush home from the shops to prepare dinner for two as a friend was coming over. Now cooking for me in the past was simply throwing a few things together and hoping for the best which thankfully usually turned out quite alright. It was normally dinner for one so it was mind over matter. If you didn't mind it didn't matter what you served yourself as there was always something better to do.

So tonight what to prepare for supper? It had to be easy to prepare and have the usual greens and yellow vegetables with something starch and protein. On the way home, I stopped at Sloanes Meat Market to do some shopping as my cupboards were a little bare. While there I came up with the menu, Beef Olives on a bed of rice, carrots in parsley sauce, creamed spinach, and a salad. No dessert as it would be too much.

Overall, taking off the labels so no one saw them, I rustled up a tasty dinner for two.


Momcat said...

That dinner looks amazing and Im sure it tasted just as good. Im sure the lucky lady appreciated all your efforts...! :)

Jerome West said...

Now I never said anything about a girl coming over and that anyone got lucky. Dinner was good and my friend did enjoy it.

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