Sunday, 23 September 2012


I had started Skye, my Whippet, doing dog agility earlier in the year but because of the two operations on Skye and Jade plus Maxy's sudden near death incident with HGE all in one month a stopped with agility. But Verresa has always being keen for me to start up agility again with Skye and she invited me this morning to join her with Enzo and Sasha. So first thing this morning I reported with Skye to Alex, the trainer from Thinking Pets, at the Crowthorne Veterinary Clinic for some agility.

Here is Veressa with Sasha her Italian Greyhound, showing us how we must execute the jumps. Now Skye aced the jumps but still needs lots of practice on weaving in and out through the sticks.

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Anonymous said...

Im sure Skye loved the challenges as well as the opportunity to run and jump. He will soon be handling the course like a pro...clever dogs! Lynda

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