Monday, 20 August 2012

Vespa LX8

Anastasiya is not a Vespa ET8 nor is she a Vespa LX150 but a hybrid of the two. She has the petit sexier body of an ET but with the newer parts of the LX added such as the more modern motor and gearbox, the larger front wheel assembly, the instrument panel with the larger round headlight and the higher seat.

She may be slightly smaller than the newer 150cc Vespas but I am sure she has the spirit and determination to make up for it. Today was one of the longest Mondays yet and I simply couldn’t wait to mount up and head out on the open road towards home. But by the time that I left in the evening the roads were jammed with traffic but Anastasiya was both nimble and quick as she sliced through the rush hour traffic like a hot knife through butter.

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