Saturday, 11 August 2012

Vespa Anastasiya

Oh wow, now that Maxy is on the road to recovery, I realise that I have neglected the latest member of my family Anastasiya. She is a Vespa hybrid, Vesp as you may not know means Wasp in Italian, and not just any wasp as in Italian a feminine name is denoted by an "a" at the end of a name, so it wasn't just any wasp but a female wasp, Vespa.

Anastasiya is one of a kind Vespa, as there is none other like her. Part LX150 and part ET4, Anastasiya is a sexy petit Vespa with the best parts from each model and I am looking forward to taking her for a breakfast run soon with the Vesparados and Aces. Our shadow days are over.

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