Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tina and Max

This morning I wanted to sleep in, but for the love of Sophia, I crawled out of bed on a cold winter’s morning to take Anastasiya on her first breakfast run, the VLV Breakfast Run to Rocket in Rivonia. So leaving early I arrived about the same time as Tina and Max, shown above. Wow it has been a long time but it was good to catch up with them all the latest happenings and introduce Anastasiya.

The cold didn’t keep many Vespa lovers at bay as 28 Vespas and one Honda turned up but as normal with the VLV Breakfast Runs, we left late but arrived in just towards the end of breakfast at Rocket, but maybe late, there still was plenty time for a good breakfast. Brono, a Sicilian South African gave us a little speel about his tours that he conducts back to his motherland, the Culinary Vespa Tours – Eatalia. For only R28k per person excluding airfares for 9 days of riding Vespas in Italy, including accommodation and culinary cooking lessons at the best gastronomy eateries in Italy, it sounds awesome. Now to start saving up for Matthew and I as from the age of 15 and with no licence, Vespas can be ridden in the south of Italy.

The weather improved later in the day so Jade, my Italian Greyhound, and I joined the Johannesburg Book & Movie Club for a braai a Delta Park. So many new people to meet and Jade made it look so easy as she was in her element.

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