Thursday, 9 August 2012

Perky Maxy

Matthew and I went through to visit the little patient at Crowthorne Veterinary Clinic. Good news waited us. Maxy was back to his perky self after an intensive course of IV drips overnight. The vet said that Maxy ate all she put before him and he kept it down. He hasn't produced a stool yet and the vet wanted to annualize a sample before discharging. After a short consultation we agreed that because we are bringing Skye and Jade in tomorrow to remove their stitches we would keep Maxy in hospital under constant medical attention untill then.

We also got to walk Maxy around in the gardens of the veterinary clinic. Maxy want to explore every part of his surroundings and marked everything with vast amounts due to the over hydration he received overnight.

From a dog that was on death's door 24 hours ago, it is good to see Maxy on the road to recovery and back being himself again. It was a horrible scare that we had, and I am so thankful that we caught the HGE in timeously.

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