Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bunny Chow

Ha, not what you thought for those who are familiar with the Durban delicacy called a Bunny Chow. This tasty meal consists of either a half or quarter loaf of bread that has its insides replaced with a mutton or beef curry. Delicious!

Yesterday arriving to work in the morning, I saw a white rabbit hopping in and around the refuse area. I mentioned this to the ladies at work but they wrote me off as crazy and there I wanted to follow the white rabbit and see how far the rabbit hole goes. Anyway today Delia walks in after a break with this disheveled white rabbit that she rescued from the garden. The rabbit was very dehydrated and looking in a bad way. Delia has a good heart for the suffering and made it her mission to save the world, one rabbit at a time. Paul, Delia's partner jokingly asked if he could buy some bread so they could they can have a bunny chow. Now that is a perfect name for the rabbit.

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