Saturday, 4 August 2012

Art Décor

Waking up late on a Saturday to the birds singing outside was a slow enjoyable process. I ambled outside onto my sunny patio in my underwear.

Oops! REWIND! <<< Scratch that.

I ambled outside onto my sunny patio in my pyjamas, topped up the dog's water bowl and gave them some kibbles. I went back inside, put on a load of washing and ambled back outside still in my imaginary pyjamas, this time with a bowl of Pronutro whole wheat cereal. I sat in the morning sun eating my breakfast with my dogs at my feet. Ahhh I love winters in Johannesburg. You want to know something profound, thankfully dogs get people out of their own minds and if it wasn't for my four dogs, I would be lost. Sorry for the earlier over share, my mind is not where it's supposed to be.

Anyway after finally getting washed up and dressed, I hung up the washing and went out to buy dog food and treats for my precious dogs, oh and some groceries for my self. On the way I stopped at Marilyn's art shop on Witkoppen Road, Art Décor and Interior Design. She has been putting off a back operation for quite some time now and it is now finally going happen next week, that is if she doesn’t postpone for the umpteen time. But it is all that worry about her small art business that keeps her putting it off.

Today's colourful photo is in the back of her little shop. I just loved all the colours everywhere. Matthew, Patch, Maxy, Jade, Skye and colours are a few of my favourite things. Oh it looks like I am about to burst out in song. I can see my dogs covering their ears in fearful anticipation.

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