Monday, 23 July 2012

Ray the Man

Monday started like any other, which is with a large mug of coffee. Ahhh coffee on a Monday morning just sets the tone of things to come. I may have a glimmer of good news which I can't yet share until all negotiations are successful but I promise that I will if Anastasiya finds herself on my slab. Welcome to my lab.

In the meanwhile, this evening was our cell's turn to help out at Under the Bridge Project where BBC feeds the hungry every Monday. So I rushed from work as early as I could break away and arrived at BBC just in time to start preparing the food parcels. Raymond, shown above, leads the BBC Missions committee and can always be found in the thick of things. Preparing food or even dancing to the beat of the African drums. And under a Bryanston night sky, people from numerous African tribes gave thanks. Asante dankie ee-may-nah eh-sheh-wuh eio inkomu kea leboga enkosi merci murakoze naa goodee ndatenda ndo livhuwa ngiyabonga ngiyathokoza n'itumezi obrigado okuhepa siyabonga tangi zikomo.

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