Friday, 13 July 2012

Military Veterans

Friday the 13 started with my laptop broken. I was not sure if it was a virus, an OS update gone wrong or a hardware problem as it was booting up but it gave a loud peeping sound then shut down. With a sad face I handed my laptop to Louise first thing this morning to see if she could find what the problem was.

While Louise was doing what she was good at, I went to register as a military veteran as today is the cut off for the second phase of creating a military register of all the surviving combatants of the South African War. Oh yes there may be pension also involved. Anyway it was a nice way to spend a Friday morning chatting to other people who were in the same boat as you. By the time I arrived back at the office Louise and Logan had identified the problem as a memory card had come loose and had it fixed in no time.

Now all I need now is to be surprised with army call up papers arriving in the post.

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