Saturday, 16 June 2012


Today started like any other Saturday, with me slowly talking my time to wake up. There were slight differences that could have set this day apart like after picking up gas for the heaters I made a detour in the timeline to stop at Woolworths and bought a new shirt as a present to myself.

Then in the afternoon it was off to Thinking Pets for a hour of doggie school where I got Skye jumping through hoops. Today's snapshot in time is of Skye staying while I step away during our Thinking Pets lesson. Skye is starting to become slick at agility.

Another change from the plan, yes there was a Saturday plan, was that Matthew and I went off to Montecasino where we watched the movie Men in Black 3. And this is where Time Jumps came into our conversations. Over spare ribs afterwards Matthew and I discussed, no argued through the paradoxes that this movie tripped over. I mean it was right in front of Agent J.

Our conversations or juicy discussions covered if Boris the Animal time jumps back into the past and kills Agent K then Agent J would have never been recruited to wear the black suit in the first place. Better still Agent J's dad would be still alive and Agent K would have never found him. Now an interesting question arose over our messy ribs is wouldn't Boris the Animal not have summoned the Boglodites to invade in 1969 if he succeeded in stopping the ArcNet being deployed? Let’s agree to disagree, uhmmm paradox it is.

Now Griffin, the Arcadin, is an interesting didn't see that coming character. The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie.

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