Monday, 18 June 2012

Gas Heater Warmth

I left home this morning, it was still dark and arrived at work as the sun rays still had to break past the trees to start warming up the surrounds. I worked continuously and left as dark was settling in.

I arrived home in the dark to a warm welcome from my dogs. They were so pleased to see me that I decided to take a short walk in the dark down to the bottom of my garden with my dogs. They were everywhere zipping past me so fast that I only saw them when they had already past. I was not sure how they saw by the starlight but that didn't stop them. It was a short walk and soon we were back inside with the gas heater on full heating the cottage.

It is now toasty in the cottage and my dogs are asleep in their bed nice and warm. Although is still early in the evening, I must think about jumping into the shower and settling down for the night with a book.

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