Sunday, 24 June 2012

Canon PowerShot S100

This is it my birthday present from Canon, the PowerShot S100 camera. I started my passion for photography by working for a professional photographer for over two years doing post production work with my superb Photoshop skills. This photographer's main bodies were the Phase One with different backs and the Nikon D1.

My first camera I bought was the Fujifilm Finepix S240. It did a good job shooting some fine photos. I also bought a small camera for the pocket as I believed the best camera is the one you have on you. The small camera was the Finepix A203. With these two cameras I started my journey of street photography and the Joburg Photowalkers. On many photowalks I proved that you don't need an expensive DSL camera to take awesome photographs but been surrounded by many Nikon and Canon DSL cameras it was obvious my next purchase would be a DSL camera.

The choice was Nikon or Canon, both had good and bad points but Canon 550D eventually came top of my selection list that had feel quality, performance, initial layout cost and lens cost judging points. Because of my daily photo blog this camera went everywhere with me taking photos of a smorgasbord of topics. After one and a half years of everyday use, nearly 50 photowalks and over 23,000 photographs later the Canon 550D is showing a lot of wear and tear.

My natural progression is to get the Canon 5D MkIII but that is slightly above my pay grade so I thought the best companion to my battered Canon 550D is a smaller camera that I don't have to lug the larger DSL camera around but not to sacrifice the performance that I have to gotten use to with the 550. So this baby DSL, the Canon PowerShot S100 became mine. Mine baby.

The S100 is a fully adjustable small digital camera that has a similar CMOS sensor as my 550D, it shoots in Raw format at 12 megapixels at up to 9.6 frames per second. By fully adjustable I mean I have full control to change the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and focus points. The only big difference from my 550D is that I can’t change the lens, well I can't go wrong with this nifty 5.2 - 26.0 mm f2.0 - 5.9 lens. The bonuses for me are that the S100 has a built in GPS, it can do HDR photos on the camera without the need of off camera software to merge the images, it is small enough to carry everyday with me and it carries a 2 year warranty. Remember the best camera is the camera that you have with you, and it does help if it is the Canon PowerShot S100.

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