Saturday, 12 May 2012


Let my busy weekend begin. First thing was a Viva La Vespa or simply the VLV club ride to a restaurant in Ruimsig for breakfast, so an early start to Vespa in Wynburg then with over thirty Vespas we rode north out past Lanseria and along the windy roads past the Cradle of Humankind and back to Ruimsig. That was the plan but round about the Rhino Park my Sophia started sputtering.

Oh yes Sophia suffered a fuel problem and the VLV continued on with me alone at the side of a country road with no support. This has happened twice before after the last service and I suspect dirt in the tank as one of the carburetor jets got blocked. Hoping it would clear itself and I would be on my way didn’t materialize so I started fiddling with the fuel pipes from the fuel pump to the carburetor. The one I pulled out made Sophia struggle to idle but after revving the motor without this pipe connected did something and Sophia was right as rain.  But this time it was nearly lunch with breakfast long past so I headed back home as I had to take Skye dog training at one thirty.

Now the Posers, Vesparados or the Aces Scooter Clubs would have waited with me or got their hands dirty by trying to fix Sophia long side the road instead to leaving me to vend the wild off by myself. Other than getting stranded by myself while over thirty other Vespas ride on into the distance, the ride in the country did me good. Sophia loves purring along those windy country roads.

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