Sunday, 13 May 2012


To help Sophia get over the rejection of yesterday's abandonment by the VLV, aka Very Lame Vesparinos, I allowed Sophia to frolic with a hot blooded Spanish Contessa, two Indian Princesses and a Latin goddess this morning.

And wow the sexy but hot blooded Spanish Contessa, a 1974 Serveta Jet 200 sure threw a tantrum by not allowing Jamie to start her. She is believed to be the only one in the country and boy did she put up a fight. Eventually two LML Star Deluxe 150s, the Serveta Jet 200, a Vespa P200E and my Sophia, a Vespa ET4 150 were on our way.

The quintet of scooters headed out to Hartebeespoort for breakfast at the Upperdeck where we caused quite a stir with us arriving on five scooters among all the superbikers bringing their women out for Mothers Day. After a heart stopping Biker's Breakfast we headed down The Moot past Skeerpoort towards Hekpoort and then up towards Kromdraai through the mountain pass.

A lovely morning was had by all of us and today's photo is of Jamie riding the Spanish Contessa as I purr past on Sophia. (Photos of the weekend are posted in my Facebook album Tintarella Di Luna.

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