Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Close Shave

While riding Sophia, my Vespa to work this morning, I had my second near miss with a pedestrian in the last three days. Both close shaves were on William Nichol Road in the Fourways area while on my way to work.

The first incident was on Monday morning opposite Monte Casino and our close shave was with this windscreen repair salesman who walks in between the standing vehicles during rush hour traffic jams looking for cracked windscreens and giving them a quote. The weekend must have been good because his mind was not on his job or about his safety as he stepped out in front of me without looking. Sophia let out a scream as her tyres locked which caused the absent minded salesman to stop dead in his tracks (excuse the pun) as Sophia and I screeched to a halt just pass where would have been.

This morning was our closest near miss to date hence the post. Just before intersection of William Nicol and Uranium Road a group of eager beaver ladies on their way to work, most likely at the Indaba Hotel, decided to jaywalk between the standing vehicles instead of crossing at the pedestrian crossing by the traffic lights. This giggling badelynge of ladies stepped out in front of us and we had no time to react as we literately brushed past them as they shrieked in terror. I stopped to see if one of the ladies I hit was okay. Luckily we all came away unscathed, although the ladies were badly shaken at least not stirred.

Anyway I couldn't wait to get back home to the safety of my dogs. Here is Maxy my Italian Greyhound and Skye my Whippet waiting for me to open up the house after arriving home. I wonder if they would understand the dangers I place myself in every time I leave the pack.

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